National BBQ Week takes an Asian twist

Happy National BBQ Week! Here at Eastern Heroes Catering headquarters we are looking forward to the promise of good weather this weekend. The perfect chance to round off another exciting National BBQ Week.

It’s so exciting for us this year as we can see the trends turning towards many more Asian inspired foods on the BBQ. We are also seeing more enquiries about pan-Asian catering for al fresco events.

People are enjoying the rich aromatic flavours of our Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese creations. Placed on an open grill, you’ll be drawn in from 500 paces!! Plus every home BBQ can be simply lifted with the addition of Chef Kwoklyn Wan’s simple five spice Chinese BBQ sauce recipe. We also published a fantastic chicken wing recipe on the blog recently. Go and check that out if you missed it!

We offer a range of BBQ foods for private event catering at birthday parties, weddings and large outdoor events. How about Beijing lamb skewers, or sweet Asian ribs? We also offer a range of vegetarian and vegan friendly al fresco dining options. These make use of delicious fresh vegetables and fragrantly flavoured tofu.

Need a caterer for your next outdoor event?

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