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Chinese Takeaway cookbook by Kwoklyn Wan

Best Selling Cookbook

Our Chef Patron, Kwoklyn Wan, is celebrating chart success with his Chinese cookbook! Since its release on 24th January 2019, his Chinese Takeaway Cookbook has held the #1 slot on Amazon. The book gives...

Cantonese Aromatic Marinated Chicken Wings

Cantonese Aromatic Marinated Chicken Wings

Growing up, my Dad always made the best BBQs. Totally different and totally Chinese in flavour. He’d get a huge aluminium bowl and fill it with thin cut steaks, lamb chops, chicken wings, king...

Vincent Keiman from Unsplash

Five Spice Chinese BBQ Sauce

With summer rapidly approaching, here at Eastern Heroes we are focusing on great tasting BBQ recipes. Asian-style BBQ makes a great choice for a wide range of events, including garden parties and wedding receptions....